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Happy Compliment Your Mirror Day!

Take a long, hard look in the mirror and say something kind to yourself! 💋

😂 😂 😘❤️

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Strange Angel – “The Magus” (This is a recap of the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Strange Angel. There are spoilers so proceed with caution!)

The episode begins, as every episode should – with Ernest. Ernest’s hallucinations continue as his hands are engulfed in flames, he stares at them chanting. He’s in the Magus’ chambers; he claims that he knows his true path now and needs the Magus’ help to get there.

There is a shared understanding that what he needs is taboo, “dangerous magic.” The Magus asks Ernest where he’s been, he speaks of his travels out of L.A., to London, and Cairo, Egypt. Last he speaks of Tangier, Morocco – a city run like an Agape, yet he won’t go into details of what happened while there. The mystery of Ernest’s whereabouts deepens. He says what happened there doesn’t matter, but what does matter is what happened to him when he left. He proceeds to disrobe (get the rewind button ready) and displays a full chest of scars, tattoos and several carved markings into his skin.



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Ernest Donovan Bitmoji
Strange Angel Season 2

@lizzyervs Beanie-Time!

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Strange Angel

Hi baby

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Strange Angel – “The Fool” 

(This is a recap/review of the first episode of Strange Angel Season 2. There are spoilers, so proceed with caution!)

Season 2 begins with a celebration. Jack and the team are having a grand time, popping champagne. Nothing has changed here. Jack still has a big ego, and Richard is still a wet blanket. During the celebration, General Braxton takes Jack and the team aside, pressing them to develop an operational missile for the war. But here’s the catch – the military requires an increased security clearance. Army intelligence will conduct interviews and “dig into every aspect” of their personal lives. 

Oh hell, and here’s that damn priest using his pulpit to rail against Satan and the evil doers who live across the street and work with you on the assembly line. I guess he’s talking about Susan and Jack, as they prepare themselves for their next ascension in Thelema – basically fucking each other in front of the congregation. However, their loud and enthusiastic sex is interrupted by some other loud banging, coming from the front door of the Agape.


Indeed, long time no see, Ernest

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Wishing you a perfect day full of love, happiness and everything your heart desires!


Sydney, Frangi, Lizzy, Dirty Ernie, Quinn x 2, Stephen and Vasily

Happy happy Birthday!



Happy Hairstyle Appreciation Day!

        Over the years Rupert’s characters have blessed us with a variety of bitchin’ styles. So gents (and ladies!), the next time you’re at the barber, instead of a buzz cut or a high fade, please let the following styles influence you and ask for then by name…

“The Pretty Pucker”

“Talks to Random Cats on the Street” with bangs

“Dapper Drunkard”

“Buzzcut Blues”

“The Dirty Ernie”, in the south you can refer to it as “Satan’s Sidepart”

“Grease is the Word”

Love to @lizzyervs

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MLH Sigil Fragrance Launch Party
Los Angeles 
April 30, 2019

He‘s alive. And looking good.

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Behind The Scenes ︱ Season 4 ︱PETER QUINN: THE ASSASSIN
↳ “I like being Peter Quinn, …”

He‘s just such a gorgeous person

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Quinn XL
About A Boy”  ‖  “Why Is This Night Different?”
↳ “Is there no fucking line?”

I never saw that parallel! Thank you @snqa303