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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ︱ “All Alone”
Shall We Dance?

hellyeahomeland: Homeland | “Pilot”


Homeland | “Pilot”

What were his exact words, please?
An American prisoner of war has been turned.

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HOMELAND – season seven, part two
one poster per episode [insp]

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Carrie Mathison + season seven smiles | requested by anonymous

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HOMELAND | “Paean to the People” | One Liners

Girls! GREAT finale podcast! can you tease us …

Girls! GREAT finale podcast! can you tease us anything about the special one you tweeted about? Will you have more podcassts over the summer?PLEASE?!?!

Here’s what I’ll tease… as soon as I get my act together and edit the thing, we had a LOVELY chat with one of the cast members on this season. 

hellyeahomeland: Carrie Mathison in Homeland …


Carrie Mathison in Homeland Season 7
↳ “At the conclusion of an arc in which our heroine confronted herself, we’re left to wonder what remains of that self, and maybe the lesson of this entire roller coaster ride is that Homeland has always been set, first and foremost, in the space between Carrie’s ears.” –Matt Brennan

hellyeahomeland: “Paean to the People” | Dire…


“Paean to the People” | Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter


“Paean to the People” picks up right where “All In” left off. Carrie and Anson are speeding through the streets of Budapest Moscow Budapow. In this opening shot, their car is the only one on the bridge, adding to the feeling of just how on their own they are, without diplomatic cover, as they try to distract Yevgeny long enough to get Simone on that plane.


The arrangement in this shot!! Everyone whose face is visible is serving so much face. Simone is like, “don’t look at me.” Bennet (with facial hair!) is like, “are you fucking kidding me?” Doxie (with some pretty great side eye) is like, “I am NOT getting stuck in Budapow.” And Ms. Pink Scarf is like, “What am I doing here again? What is my job?” You and us both, Pink Scarf. You and us both.


Let’s give a full round of snaps to Sandy this season. She brought the sassy realness and Russian know-how the whole dang time. This show needs all the female energy it can get and this shot of her pulling out the chair for Clint’s “time out” is incredible. We’re not sure if she’ll be back for season eight, but if she won’t, we will miss her so.


Both Carrie and Anson know what’s at stake in this mission but in this moment, it’s Carrie who has to convince Anson how far she can and will go. We hate to say it, but the moment of recognition shared here between them screams “America First” when Quinn tells Carrie to get in the car and stay down. If seven seasons of Homeland have taught us one thing, it’s that these people all follow the same code: Get in. Get down. Shut up. Mission over self.

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Homeland + “Terminal 7” 
↳ “This piece of music that’s playing over this is Tomasz Stanko, who’s a Polish trumpeter. And it’s a piece called “Terminal 7.” And it really kind of… when we discovered this piece of music, we just knew we were going to use it somewhere. We didn’t know how or where we were going to do it. But it’s kind of Carrie’s theme.” –Alex Gansa

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1.12 || 7.11, requested by @swiftiepatience
↳ “I need you to say yes.”