New to the Homeland world. I was reading the Hollywood Reporter article from earlier this year and I was really surprised to read what I felt to be the producer’s chilly reception towards Rupert? Johannessen saying he didn’t warm to RF for some time, and Gansa cryptically admitting behind-the-scenes drama of some kind. RF seems like a perfectly sweet guy, they kept him for 5 seasons so obviously something clicked well enough. Salary issues? Personality conflicts? Questionable behaviour?

Phew, you really are new here. 

No one knows 100% but I’d venture a guess that it was d) all of the above, and there doesn’t seem to be love lost on either side. 

The show was better for it (not a slight against any person or character, they clearly felt hamstrung by the character toward the end of the run), because season seven was awesome and season eight is shaping up to be as well.