Carrie may prefer vegetarian food, but she also sacrificed herself in episode 4×12 to eat Lockhart’s lasagne that possibly wasn’t vegetarian like the one she planned to prepare in episode 2×01 before Saul sent David Estes to drag her to Beirut.

Ashley, I bet there was meat in that lasagna that Lockhart brought to the house after Frank died. And I bet Carrie ate it. (Referring to post about Carrie being a vegetarian for those who missed it.) Ya’ think?

Well, okay, point number ONE, I already SAID that I consider her vegetarian because there is no evidence to the contrary. I ALSO said that you would pry that split-second moment from my cold dead hands, and I MEANT IT. 

That said, your question sparked a lively debate in the HYH chat. 

I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume, based on your spelling of “lasagna,” that you are not American. 

In the US, lasagna is a bunch of layers of big-ass noodles, tomato sauce, and way too fucking much cheese. That’s how my mom made it, that’s how my surrogate nana made it, and that’s apparently how Gail makes it. I asked a friend who has no idea why I’m arguing with people about lasagna, but he was wrong and so I am not going to cite him in this argument.

I am legit astonished to find out that, for apparently a lot of wrong people, lasagna is NOT just noodles, sauce, and too much fucking cheese. I have never heard anything as absurd as having to ASK if there is MEAT in LASAGNA. 

Which, by the way, we never actually saw Carrie eat.

In summary, I hate lasagna and god bless America.