i will try to rewrite my answer to #1 of the Homeland Debrief, since the last one apparently got swallowed by Tumbr monsters. what is your idea of a perfect ending? i don’t know what a perfect ending might be; but i have a prediction….Max’s ultimate goal in Afhanistan is to avenge Fara’s death. but he needs a partner- in- crime to pull it off. Quinn is alive on the other side of the hill making sure Max’s team unit is kept relatively safe from attacks. Together they will kill Haqqani.

if Max does try to take out Haqqani, I’m not sure that he would survive it, but i sure hope he survives! Max is the best(next to quinn)! For some reason i think Saul will die, but i think that Carrie will live.

At this point I actually have no idea who’s gonna die because so much has already happened this season and I don’t know where they’re gonna take any of it. Saul/Carrie stuff especially. We’ll see!