Does anyone recall how many times we have seen…

Does anyone recall how many times we have seen characters eating on Homeland? I recall seeing characters cooking, setting a table, sitting at a table with plates of food in front of them, walking into a restaurant or cafe, but not actually eating. Would not showing them eating have been a choice by the PTB?

Anonymous #2: Will Carrie eat this season? Will Yevgeny make her something?

Carrie? Eat? It’s more likely that Brody will rise from the dead. 

To answer the first question: 

Saul: Ate some peanut butter crackers.

Virgil: Expired yogurt, a pretzel, spaghetti amatriciana.

Quinn: I think he ate an apple once. 

Lockhart: Brought a lasagna. 

Carrie: Stuck her hand into a bag of pretzels but never ACTUALLY ATE ANY. Microwaved a frozen meal in Islamabad but again NEVER ACTUALLY ATE IT. I really do not think we’ve ever seen Carrie swallow anything that wasn’t a pill. 

I think that characters physically eating introduces a lot of continuity issues. If the character takes a bite of something and you reset, you have to (or you’d want to) make sure they continued eating in all the other takes and also keep refilling their plate, etc. So I can understand why they don’t do it but it’s frankly bizarre that in eight seasons of this show they’ve never shown Carrie eating. We’ve seen her wipe her underarms multiple times!