Name: Ethan (@swiftiepatience)Answered on: 3/10/201. What is…

Name: Ethan (@swiftiepatience)

Answered on: 3/10/20

1. What is your idea of a perfect Homeland ending?

Carrie and Max running a detective agency while she and Yevgeny have a life-long fling, but never a traditional relationship. Saul and Mira reuniting forever in Greece.

2. Which Homeland character do you most identify with?

Max, if he was a flaming queen. His social anxiety and neediness is so me. If I’d had an older sibling, I def would have been the “weird little brother.”

3. What has your experience as a fan of the show been like?

It’s been with me through breakups, career upheavals and family trauma. When I lived at home, I used to watch with my dad every week. When I was younger we watched Alias together, and reruns of My So-Called Life. So when we saw ads for the pilot, we knew it was something special. This season is the first that’s aired since my mom died last year, and the show has been a great bonding tool and distraction for my dad and I, even though we now watch it separately and fervently text about it the next morning instead of spending hours after it airs in the living room speculating.

4. What is a moment on Homeland that made you sit up out of your seat in awe or shock?

Ugh so many: in “The Choice” when the vest video was broadcast; when Carrie realized Dante was working against her; Aayan’s death; the “Game On” reveal…

5. If you could have the writers redo one storytelling decision, what would it be and why?

Every moment of Islamophobia (for obvious reasons, but especially Saul’s infamously bigoted remarks to Fara in S3), and not letting Quinn die at the end of S5 (because he deserved so much better than being tortured for another year and so did I).

6. If you could be a Homeland character, which one would you like to be?

Gonna have to steal Ashley’s answer and say Jessica Brody, purely to have constant satisfying sex with Mike.

7. What is your favorite episode of Homeland?

“The Choice”

8. What is your least favorite episode of Homeland?

Tie between “Redux” and “alt.truth.”

9. If you could bring back one character, dead or alive, from the Homeland graveyard, who would it be and why?

Dead: FARA. This show always needed more smart capable women that Carrie isn’t at odds with. And my heart was so broken for Max.

Alive: MIRA. Saul could use some tea. Like, all the time.

10. What will be your most enduring memory of Homeland?

The day after the season seven finale, because that year I had found a colleague that loved the show as much as me, and we were both aghast at what might have happened to Carrie.

And, of course, discovering HYH.