4. what moment made you sit up out of your sit up out of your seat! Alison in the trunk

5. if you could have the writers undo one storytelling decision, what would it be and why? “killing off” Peter Quinn was a bad decision. He was/is the best character, his story was really interesting and not finished and he had great chemistry with C

7. What is your favorite episode of Homeland? Season 4 was my favorite. episodes11 and 12. “There’s something else going on” and “13 hours in Islamabad”

8. what was the worst episode. the worst was episode 4 ? of season 3.. it was the one with Dana and loser #4 and Brody shooting up in Caracas. The other worst episode was the finale of season 6

9.who would you bring back dead or alive. “presumed dead”…Peter Quinn- he is the best character, his story was interesting,good chemistry with C and his story was not done. character that is still alive to bring back is Virgil! he is good withC and offers comic relief

Thanks for sharing! I love reading everyone’s responses. 

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