Things Carrie Wore This Week

Hello! Carrie didn’t wear anything this week that she didn’t wear last week so please head here to refresh your brain. 

In the interest of always delivering the most excellent sartorial content, this week I am revisiting Carrie’s best looks from the last seven seasons. 

Season 1

Hat, Marine One jacket (“Marine One”)

This look will NEVER be topped. This is the peak of Carrie’s style. No, I won’t be taking follow-up questions. 

Honorable mentions: closet freakout (“Pilot”), skirt (“Semper I”)

Season 2

H A I R (“I’ll Fly Away")

I only picked this because of the hair. Legendaric. 

Honorable mention: quasi-Marine One jacket (“The Choice”)

Season 3

Brunette bun (Claire Danes in behind the scenes footage)

The origin of HAIR IN A BUN. 

Honorable mention: weird denim (??) jacket (“A Red Wheel Barrow”)

Season 4

Funeral ensemble (“A Long Time Coming”)

Look at her hair. The earrings. Remember when Carrie also had, like, a $1000 Marc Jacobs crossbody bag and we were supposed to buy that Carrie would buy a $1000 Marc Jacobs crossbody bag? 

Honorable mention: season four is bleak, y’all

Season 5

Maybe gonna go kill Quinn??? ensemble (“A False Glimmer”)

Carrie said Grim Reaper who?!?!? Season five is when Carrie started wearing those blank pants and she hasn’t looked back since! This look is perfection. 

Honorable mention: half ponytail (“All About Allison”)

Season 6

Grey blazer (“The Covenant”)

This makes a return appearance in season seven and it is magic. The v-neck, the collar, the shortness of her hair. 

Honorable mention: all the jewel-toned sweaters 

Season 7

Black boatneck sweater (“Clarity”)

BLACK BOATNECK SWEATER. There’s nothing else except that. Black boatneck sweater is the moment. 

Honorable mentions: oversized plaid (“Active Measures”), chambray shirt (“Lies, Amplifiers, Fucking Twitter”), sweater/blazer combo (“All In”), pseudo-Marine One jacket (“Standoff”)

IN CONCLUSION (to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”): 

Marine One jacket
Khaki hat
Legendaric backlit hair
Morocco hair in a bun
That’s where it all began
Kissing Quinn in all black
Killing Quinn in all black
Short hair, blazer
Black boatneck sweater!!!!!
These are things Carrie wore this week
Or maybe years ago, was oh so long ago
These are things Carrie wore this week 
It was mostly shit
But that hat was IT!