Girls, did you know that the last episode is titled PRISONERS OF WAR, like the original series? Wow, what a great choice, but I’m afraid of what it means.

Our Monday evening WhatsApp chat:

Gail: Julie found the episode 8.12 title a few weeks ago, but now it’s IMDb official

Gail: Bringing it back to the original

Sara: i still think ‘the english teacher’ is ominous af

Ashley: why

Frangi: A classics professor. Dar Adal’s new bf?

Frangi: Or an asset

Frangi: Or a codename for an asset/a double agent

Sara: carrie was an english teacher in s2

Ashley: yeah

Sara: my hunch is it refers to her

Sara: idk i just think it’s … ominous

Sara: and also is making me feel things

Sara: i haven’t processed yet the show is ending

Gail: I know too much about that one #spoilers

Frangi: I know. But I like stirring the pot 😉

Gail: Lolololol

Gail: It is what HYH is know for

Sara: we’re fine with non-spoilery pot stirring