hi it’s your resident taylor swift fan + conspiracy theorist here to drop my weekly requisite insistence that carrie is yevgeny’s little manchurian candidate (my name’s Ethan btw. after the finale you guys should host a followers meetup or something)

Ok so I had a dream Sunday night that Carrie was exactly this. Like she had been secretly meeting up with Yevgeny the whole time and he was brainwashing her to do shit and they were also sleeping together?? I wasn’t mad at it at all, even though realistically I don’t think Carrie has actually been turned… just extremely, extremely compromised. (Remember how in “The Weekend” Carrie is like, “I didn’t say terrorist, I said turned”? Well now I’m the same: “not turned, just extremely compromised…”)

 Make it happen, writers. 

(Also curious whether you think season eight Carrie Mathison is Lover-era Taylor Swift. Episode six could be “I Think He Knows”???)