IMO Last two episodes would’ve been even better as one longer episode with no unnecessary subplots( like saving Samira) Also i am starting to miss Yevgeny

I don’t know if they could have smooshed everything into one episode. But I’m happy to move on from these episodes as this aspect of Homeland has never been terribly interesting to me. Last week’s episode only got me really excited when I realized what they were setting up for Carrie. And this week there just wasn’t enough of her either. (I also miss Yevgeny but looks like he’ll be back next week). 

I was also thinking that these episodes are very similar to the double whammy of “There’s Something Else Going On” and “13 Hours in Islamabad.” I’m not sure if those parallels were intentional, but I can’t help feeling that the season four episodes were just so much better than these two. To be fair, they had the luxury of twice as much time to set up everything, and this obviously isn’t the season’s climax, but we did not get an “it can’t be my belt” moment and I’m a little salty about that.