[Welcome to The Homeland Debrief! Throughout the next several…

[Welcome to The Homeland Debrief! Throughout the next several weeks and as the series draws to a close, we’ll be surveying some of our favorite fans of the show with the same ten questions. Running this blog over the last seven (!) years has been an experience like no other, and so much of that has been due to the awesome people we’ve met along the way. We hope you enjoy, and if you want to answer one of these questions yourself, drop us a line! First up is Ashley! –The HYH Team]

The Homeland Debrief 

Name: Ashley ( @ascloseasthis)

Answered on: [3/1/20] (started) [3/8/20] (finished)

1. What is your idea of a perfect Homeland ending?

My current #NotThisShowButFic™ dream is for Carrie and Yevgeny to get Franny and move to Scottsdale, AZ, with new identities. Blame Carrie — Scottsdale was her idea. I’d never live somewhere so warm.

That’d be nice, but let’s be real. This is Homeland. Saul needs to die, ultimately, in order for Carrie to truly get out. Perhaps Carrie is forced, in this case, to take the shot she’d meant to take in season 4. 

The fact of the matter is, Homeland is ending, and that is fucking perfect.

2. Which Homeland character do you most identify with?

On that deep psychological level where I’d really rather just fucking not, Carrie. But in my day-to-day life as a competent, smart, empathetic person who has awful taste in men, I feel an immense connection with Astrid.

(Before you get all up in my biz, I’ll have you know that I dated a guy this past fall who shared SO MANY ATTRIBUTES with Peter Quinn that it had Sara and I crying laughing; he was a bad boyfriend, though.)

3. What has your experience as a fan of the show been like?

First of all, I have made some of my BEST friends as a fan of this show, and that is awesome. I wouldn’t change that for the world. I’m PRETTY sure I am the only HYH member who has actually gotten to hang out with all the other HYH members, so… anyway.

But being a fan before HYH was very different than being a fan after HYH. I watched season five largely by myself; I got to know people from the Carrie-Quinn LJ community, people all over the world, and I started bugging Sara in August of 2016. (I will never forget the day I asked Sara for her address and she assumed I was coming to murder her.) 

I’ve learned and grown so much as a result of this show. I am a better person not because of it, but because of the other dummies who watch it. 

4. What is a moment on Homeland that made you sit up out of your seat in awe or shock?

Hmm. I don’t do spoilers for this show, so everything comes as a complete surprise. I know that I freaked the absolute FUCK out when I thought that Saul had been exploded in the same episode where Quinn actually died. When Quinn died I was like, “meh, tv lies.”

5. If you could have the writers redo one storytelling decision, what would it be and why?

This is another thing that changes every season. I was watching the new episode today and thinking, “this part of the story would not have been possible with Quinn around.” But back in the halcyon days of #quinnspiracy, I would have — and did — think constantly about how to undo what the writers had done.

If I could redo a storytelling decision, I guess… I don’t know! I’m really happy with where the show is at right now. I’d make Lockhart president

6. If you could be a Homeland character, which one would you like to be?

Ummmm Jessica Brody. She’s left all this nonsense behind and she is presumably having very satisfying and constant sex with Mike. 

7. What is your favorite episode of Homeland?

“The Choice,” I think. I mean, it was the kicking-off point for my fic which I promise to finish one day, it was so important to Carrie’s development and the future of the show, and just… Saul. SAUL. Saul Saul Saul Saul Saul.

8. What is your least favorite episode of Homeland?

I can’t remember specific episodes of season six, but it was probably the one where Quinn punched Astrid in the stomach. Or the one where Astrid died. Or was that the same episode? 

9. If you could bring back one character, dead or alive, from the Homeland graveyard, who would it be and why?

DEFINITELY DEAD: LYNNE REED. I’ve been a broken record about this lately, but I don’t think any death in this series crushed me more than hers. We saw how far Carrie went to protect her as an asset, and how heartbroken she was that she couldn’t take better care of her. We haven’t seen much of that since Carrie ever since. 

PROBABLY DEAD: Quinn, duh-doy. I still think they could have gone to some really interesting places if they’d read my #quinnspiracy posts, and we still haven’t seen his dead body getting autopsied.

DEFINITELY NOT DEAD: Lockhart!! I do not believe this needs an explanation.

10. What will be your most enduring memory of Homeland?

Probably breaking into my friend’s house after 6.12. Or, well, I guess I don’t remember that super well. But Carrie Mathison, as a character, will live with me forever.