Sara, I’m curious to know how you write the recap of each episode. Meaning do you take notes as you watch it then put it all together right after? Or do you relax with a glass of wine with the first watch, then hit rewind and rewatch whilst writing with more wine? Anyway, thanks for posting it so quickly for us all each Sunday night!

All the episodes have been released early so far this season, so I’m watching in the morning. I’m certainly not drinking wine at 9 or 10am. 

My routine has always been to watch an episode the first time completely free of devices or other distractions. Then I’ll go back and decide what re the main gifsets are that I want to make. This doesn’t involve strict rewatching but skipping around the episode on my computer to get the right clips. This year, with the recaps, I’ll go back a third time, but again it’s not strict rewatching. I fast forward and backward and try to compile the recaps in a way that makes sense (and I also take screenshots because I like visuals!). 

Finally, I’ll rewatch the episode for real for real, typically again free from distractions (distractions including pausing and rewinding and skipping ahead). 

All of the above probably count in some way as rewatching but I’m really only watching the episode completely, start to finish, two times (sometimes more but that’s rare). Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve watched an episode this year with a glass of wine at all.