Meet Max’s New Crew

All of this “Max is a lucky charm” talk has us feeling a little worried about him and his well-being. Let’s meet the crew protecting him, since we think they are going to figure into the next few episodes in a big way. 

We reached out to the actors about what their character is known for and asked them about what their favorite part of filming Homeland was. 

  • Name: Specialist Drew Soto
  • Known for: Soto will always have your back.
  • Favorite part of working on Homeland: Definitely working with the guys!
  • Played by: Sam Chance
  • Twitter: @samchance13
  • Name: Staff Sergeant John Durkin
  • Known for: gifted singer lol
  • Bonus:
    Emilio Cuesta: Charles definitely has some angelic vocal cords
    Charles: *Clears throat* Mi mi mi mii miiiiii
  • Played by: Charles Brice
  • Favorite part of working on Homelandworking with a great group of actors
  • Twitter: @charlesjbrice
  • Sara’s Fun Fact: Hat.
  • Name: Specialist Charlie Stoudt
  • Known for:  Stoudt was adopted
  • Played by: Emilio Cuesta
  • Favorite part of working on Homeland: Working with these guys, love ‘em all
  • Twitter: @E_on_a_Quest
  • HYH Fun Fact: Charlie Stoudt is named after former Homeland writer and producer Charlotte Stoudt!
  • Name: Staff Seargant Justin Wenzel
  • Known for: before becoming an officer, Wenzel was first enlisted and in the secret forces/Green Berets
  • Played by: Victor Almanzar
  • Favorite part of working on Homeland: Being a former Marine myself, I loved that I got to bond with my cast members as if we were in a real deployment overseas!
  • Twitter: @VCazike
  • Name: Specialist Arturo Gonzales
  • Known for: addicted to sunflower seeds
  • Played by: Octavio Rodriguez
  • Favorite part of working on Homeland: Getting to meet and work with so many talented people. I love seeing how crews operate and how everyone becomes family after working on a show for so long. Being a part of their goodbyes was bittersweet (:
  • Twitter: @viovincii

Special thanks to Emilio Cuesta for these behind the scenes photos: