Some season 8 episode titles

h/t @homeland-spy

(quick aside that I don’t think episode titles are that meaningful but they’re fun to talk about) 

Episode 1: “Deception Indicated” 

This is a term used in polygraph results that indicates the subject was lying (i.e., being “deceptive”). So maybe there are some polygraphs in this episode? 

Episode 2: “Catch & Release” 

This could mean a ton of things. In fishing, it means to catch a fish to just let it go (so… that could have all sort of ominous connotations for a Homeland episode). 

In immigration, it means to release an immigrant (including asylum seekers) into the community while they await immigration hearings (as opposed to detaining them the entire time). 

In Urban Dictionary land, it could mean a TON of things, including hooking up with someone but not becoming attached OR pursuing someone until it becomes clear their affection is reciprocated and then moving on.