Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*365 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: some David Estes thoughts to make up for a truly bad episode. 

After getting those “Crossfire” posts out of the way, I felt a new sense of energy about this rewatch. It helps that the last three episodes of season one are amazing. “Representative Brody” is such an underrated episode. It so perfectly sets up the last two episodes of the season. I have a newfound respect for it that may be colored somewhat by having to re-remember just how horrific “Crossfire” is. Also, Carrie wears multiple things that aren’t terrible! 

This is a complete outfit repeat, from head to toe, of her ensemble in “The Good Soldier,” which I talked about here. I love when shows repeat distinctive outfits. My So-Called Life was a show that did that a lot and the costume designer talked about how it was an intentional choice a few years ago. Thank you for letting me talk about my other favorite Claire Danes TV series. 

And here we have Carrie bringing the look right into nighttime via an oversized cardigan that is, actually, shockingly… cute? This is a different oversized grey cardigan than the one she wore at the end of “Grace” over the purple shirt. 

On another note, I cannot believe how ugly Carrie’s living room carpet is. 

Also I’m about 98% sure I used to have that couch! 

Here is Carrie looking actually pretty great for the interrogation. PINK COWL NECK BLOUSE!!!! ICONIC!!!!! And the weird knot-like studs from “Blind Spot.” Ok I didn’t realize how many repeated looks there are in this episode. 

Anyway her head looks AMAZING. I love Carrie in this scene and I especially love how she grabbed the interrogation back from Saul when he tried to take it over. DO YA THING, CARRIE!

This…. God, why is every scene of Carrie standing in front of a mirror so fucking sad? This show has a complex. That blouse is actually super cute and I just… man, this part of the episode is depressing. I’ve always known that Brody’s whole deal with Carrie in this episode was gross and mean but rewatching the scene, and seeing how Carrie thinks it’s about Jessica not finding out when we learn earlier in the episode that she already knows… it just adds a whole new layer of disgusting on top of it. Fuck Brody, man. Dude is a snake. 

LOOK AT THIS PATHETIC ANGEL CHILD. Also, can we talk about how Carrie has a collection of succulents on her entry table? What a weird, interesting detail. At this point in the show, Carrie having things in her home she was responsible for keeping alive seems totally implausible. 

Oh, the clothes. Well, the jeans are horrible, as we all know, but it was 2011 and Carrie would not know that boot cuts are not her look for another four or so years. 

THE ICONIC FINKELSTEIN SUIT. It’s kind of interesting from a costuming standpoint how Carrie’s look at the interrogation was extremely feminine and here the suit is much more masculine and business-like. Anyway, her head looks amazing here too. The middle episodes of season one are peak “her head looks amazing” times.