Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*366 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: Carrie wore a double-breasted jacket, if you can believe it. 

This series was put on a longer-than-planned hold partly due to the holidays and partly due to me absolutely, positively hating this episode. Guys, this episode fuckin’ sucks. I hate it. It’s not even like a so-bad-it-might-be-good kinda bad in the vein of “Broken Hearts” or maybe even “Casus Belli” (which is actually terrible, never mind). It just plain sucks. It is boring. Brody’s flashback hair is horrendous (why are the wigs on this show so bad????). Carrie just goes back and forth in circles between the mosque and Saul’s office. The only good thing about this episode is the sharp cut to “Everybody Knows” in the end credits. 


Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way….

One of the very few bright spots of this episode is that Carrie looks freaking amazing. Here she is all determined and such. She looks pretty awesome here, even if her outfit is as boring as the entire 50-minute slog that is this episode. Later on in the series she wears more colorful headscarves (ish), but I actually kinda like the two-tone simplicity of this one. 

This is possibly the most beautiful Carrie looks in all of season one. And possibly up until she dyes her hair in late season three? She looks so great here and I love her smug smile. I am cacklin’.

I chose this photo for three reasons:

  1. You can see almost her entire ensemble. It’s boring, but I’m trying to stick to the theme of this series (~clothes, i guess~)!
  2. You can see the photos on Estes’ wall, including one where he is with Oprah (!!! and also ???) and another with Condoleeza Rice. 
  3. The Carrie/Estes relationship is approximately 15% of the reason this series has remained fascinating to me even after spending 7 years talking about it exhaustively. SO LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS SOME MORE. I need a Carrie/Estes prequel series. Just put Carrie’s hair in a half ponytail to de-age Claire 15 years and do it, writers!!!! It will allow me to die happy. Where are the Carrie/Estes fics? Why did Estes have to die? His relationship with Carrie and the below-the-surface rage evident in all of their interactions gave me fuel. I LOVE below-the-surface rage. How did their affair start? Why did he jeopardize his marriage for Carrie? Did she call him David or Estes while they were hooking up? Was it something casual that he made into something bigger? What did exactly happen when he “chased [her] up to New York like that”? How long did their affair last? How did Carrie, Queen of Non-Discreet-ness When It Comes to Sexual Relationships, keep this so much of a secret that there was an office bet speculating whether the affair actually took place? I just have so many questions and these un-tied loose ends will bug me more than every single plot hole on this show COMBINED. 

IN CONCLUSION: I ship Carrie/Estes.