Sorry, Mandy. Time magazine put “Life Itself”, on their worst of the year list. Ouch! I still want to see it. However… Mandy just wrapped “Before You Know It” which has a funny plot summary on IMDb. And bonus: Tim Daly is in it. Isn’t he your guy, Ashley?!

Bonus #2: SAM Daly is in it.

He is Tim Daly’s son and, no lie, I one time had a dream about Sam Daly and he totally wanted to make out with me but I couldn’t because I loved his dad too much.

The summary does sound fun, and I’m always here for Tim Daly. And Mandy, honestly.

If anybody’s interested, Tim Daly’s currently onstage with his sister, Tyne Daly, in a play called “Downstairs.” We (Sara, Angela, and I) attempted to go see it when it was playing at the Dorset Theatre Festival in 2017. Unfortunately, rain and other circumstances beyond our control prevented us from getting to see it.

I have a VERY busy December coming up, but I just bought tickets to go see it before it closes in New York. The sacrifices I make, honestly.