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Stryka: “Ha ha ha ha ha.” (pause) “Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Callen: “You know, I really thought we’d at least have 19 seconds.”

Callen (Rupert Friend) and Stryka (Aimee Mullins) sit with bright-colored zip ties on a metal bench, presumably in a police station, as a police officer stands nearby. Stryka is striking. She is a reptile alien, with large, mauve colored spikes sprouting from her head and grayish-blue skin. Her hands are also reptilian, with long nails. Callen, on the other hand, is entirely human.

Let’s see how they got there, shall we?

Stryka lounges in a therapist’s office, talking to a Therabot (an ATM-like machine with “It’s Your Health” plastered on it) about her relationship with Callen. A series of flashbacks show their good times and bad times. They have fun together running away during pursuits. However, Callen doesn’t always play the part during their escapades, sometimes lacking sophistication and polish in his work. 

For example, they plan a heist at a fancy gala, but they can’t even get past the front door. Stryka has dressed the part in a gown, but Callen is trying to pass for a Duke in a top hat, a short-sleeved shirt with rolled-up sleeves open to a white undershirt, and a vest. He trades words and then hands with the doorman while a group of elegantly dressed couples looks on in distaste. Needless to say, they weren’t allowed inside. 


The flashbacks between Stryka’s crime exploits and her therapy session continue throughout the rest of the short. Stryka worries Callen is holding her back from achieving more success as a thief and then makes a startling confession. She’s been stealing with someone else…and the guy is definitely more, shall we say, refined than Callen.

Stryka is at a diner with her new partner, George Peterson (John Behlmann), and in the midst of planning a complicated antiques robbery when Callen appears. A terribly awkward scene ensues where Callen notices the very obvious map on the table, but he bids them farewell soon after greeting them.

Next, we learn Stryka’s dilemma is compounded because she has an armored car heist planned with Callen and the other job planned with George FOR THE SAME DAY!

Later, Stryka is working on the antiques job when she unexpectedly runs into Callen and has to explain just what she’s doing there and with whom. Callen is obviously crestfallen and disappointed at first, but they quickly discuss their strategies for pulling off the heist. And suddenly, Stryka realizes to her surprise that Callen’s strategy is the better one to execute.

They run off with artwork in their arms, smiles on their lips, and their laughter in the air.

Stryka: “A lot of this business is luck. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. But anyone. Anyone who can look at the person next to them and say:  


Stryka: Anyone who can do that…is already lucky.” 

Rupert and Aimee together!

Watch it. It’s a short fun watch.

The gifs don’t do this movie justice — you need to watch and hear Rupert’s Scottish accent!