Did anyone (everyone) watch Kany West’s rant in the Oval Office? Is he or is he not bipolar? Did anyone have the patience to watch the entire thing? Did anyone imagine what Carrie, off her meds, would say to the president? Was Gansa inspired for a future S8 scene?

I’m gonna take a cue from Keep It and announce that we are not going to talk about… him on this blog. We shall refer to him as… Mr. Kardashian. 

ANYHOOZLES, no I did not watch that. I have no time for Mr. Kardashian’s bullshit and even less for Mr. Cheeto’s. I really hesitate to buy into the whole ~it’s a DiStRaCtIoN~ line from the media about various antics from Mr. Cheeto, but y’all: 





Please don’t waste any more time thinking about Mr. Kardashian and Cheeto wearing their fucking ~MAGA~ hats in the Oval Office and make sure you are registered to vote on Nov. 6