CHICKEN 🐔! Next time try to be nicer, don’t be like your girl.

For fuck’s sake, guys.

It has been a year. More than a year. And we are still getting this nasty bullshit that is meant to, I don’t know, upset Sara? Change Sara’s mind? Like, OMG, some random anonymous person who really digs emojis thinks Claire Danes is a bitch. Compelling argument, and if there were a straight-up ZERO emoji I would use it right here.

Rupert Friend has moved on. If you feel like celebrating him, go visit our friends at @findmyrupertfriend. They’re into it. They have a whole blog about it. They love Rupert Friend and most of them could take Claire or leave her, though they’d probably happily leave her on the side of the road in Death Valley, and that’s totally cool with us. Because you know what? Our friendships aren’t based on loving/hating the same television shows, celebrities, baseball teams, weather patterns, sportswear brands or underwater creatures. (Dogs are non-negotiable.)

For real though, this is ridiculous. Rupert Friend does not need you fighting his battles for him. He just doesn’t. And, not for nothing, this weird thing that people seem to have about riding in like a white knight to defend him from some imagined insult or slight does NOT make him more endearing. On the contrary, actually, because you have sent us THREE ASKS in the past couple of days demeaning Claire Danes in order to prop up Rupert Friend. And, last I checked, Rupert Friend has a tendency to be a smidge douchey himself, so, check yourself before you wreck. your. self. Please and thank you.

I bear Rupert Friend no particular ill will, but if he fell off a cliff tomorrow I’d pretty much be sad that a) my friends would be devastated and b) that Peter Quinn would 100 percent be actually, actively, all the way dead and no amount of wistful “he’s on an island somewhere” would change that. But it has been pretty much eighteen entire months since 6.12, and if you’re still upset that he didn’t get a public “proper send-off,” well… I mean, whatever. I get it, but he did this whole press tour after 6.12. Rupert Friend clearly said goodbye on his own terms. 

And even if something did come out, even if Claire DID come out to the whole wide world and say, “you know, I actually really miss Rupert, he was a good egg and a solid friend and it was my life’s honor to work with him,” I’m pretty sure we’d still be getting this whiny-ass nonsense. It’d be insincere and too little too late and definitely not enough.

Which is also another point, because I’m sorry, but if Claire Danes is such an awful person that you feel the need to repeatedly point it out, then WHAT is the goddamn fascination with her validation of your love for Rupert Friend? 

I honest to goodness do not understand the point of these asks. If it makes you feel better, there’s not really any harm in it? But don’t expect us to post this shit (we delete almost all of it because WHAT IS THERE TO SAY) and frankly it’s annoying. Most of the time we just roll our eyes and delete and go on to live our lives.

But you, buddy, you’ve got FEELINGS. So I’m gonna let you express them, because it seems important to you that HYH air, acknowledge, and accept your grievances against a person you will probably never meet on behalf of another person you will probably never meet.

Hopefully this is the last I will EVER have to speak on the subject.

Oh, since it’ll definitely come up in your next ask, Sara’s no chicken. She just doesn’t want to waste her time.

I, on the other hand, have nothing better to do. PEACE.