Has anyone seen Michael Moore’s new documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9? I’m curious, but I feel like it will depress me even more than I am right now. What to do?

None of us have seen it, no. I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 in theaters, back in the day. But this new one? I dunno. I think that the intended audience is well aware of the situation. We (nobody at HYH, but the general electoral-college American “we”) elected a reality television star to the highest office in the land, and predictably enough, our country has turned into a reality television program.

Except so much worse. Because there are real life consequences here. People are losing their lives and their families and their homes as a result of the current administration.

We don’t need a documentary to educate us on this. We are all crystal clear on what is happening in our world. 

If you want to help, don’t go see Fahrenheit 11/9. You know the world is falling apart. 

Instead of spending money on a movie ticket, send those dollars to campaigns in your neighborhood. If you live in a liberal/reasonable place, then donate to a campaign for a candidate who is trying to make a difference in conservative strongholds. 

We have a chance to change direction and it would be tragic, depressing, and downright unconscionable to ignore them. 

Please, Senate democrats, PLEASE do the right thing.