So many long-running series have let one of their actors sit in the director’s chair for an episode. But I don’t believe HL ever has, at least not CD, MP, FMA, DL, or RF. Of these actors, I think only RF has the desire to direct. I wonder if he ever brought it up with AFG. Maury Sterling shadowed LLG last season. If he returns as Max, do you think they’ll let him direct? Or do you think the production of the show requires a very experienced person, unlike shows with permanent sets & familiarity?

On Claire’s summer Pod Tour of America, she mentioned that she wanted to shadow one of the directors (can’t remember if she mentioned Lesli specifically), just so she could get a better feel for everything else that goes on in the production. But she said she doesn’t have a great desire to direct. She just wants her husband Hugh to direct. 

As for your last question, I have no idea whether they’ll let Maury direct (and I don’t think him returning as Max is even a requirement). They seem to be using the same group of 10 or so directors every season the last few years, and it’s possible that since so much else changes with their production every year–from the crew to the location–it’s nice to have that kind of consistency.