Finally saw Crazy Rich Asians. Meh. I think the only time I’m likely to watch it again is if I’m home in bed with the flu, when I’ll need something brainless and colorful, as well as the face of sweet Henry Golding. Did anyone read the book?

Part of my post-Homeland season 7 sabbatical has included quite a bit of reading (it’s been glorious, y’all!). I’ve read the first two books in the Crazy Rich Asians series (Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend) by Kevin Kwan so far and really loved the books. I haven’t started the third book (Rich People Problems) yet, but I’ve been saving it for my in-flight reading on a work trip coming up. The books are rich in detail (see what I did there?) and have well developed characters. They are funny, heartfelt, and do a great job illustrating the highs and lows of family dynamics, especially in traditional Chinese culture.

Now… all that being said, I have not seen the movie yet. I agree with you – Henry Golding is adorable! Can’t wait to see him it! I don’t like to see movies made from a book or book series until I’ve read it, so I’ll have to get back to you on my movie review in a month or so. But I’m very excited to see it. Based on the books it looks extremely well-cast and the cinematography looks just as vivid as the book describes.