Announcement From FMRF

In the past couple of days, we have received many Asks regarding the recent exchange between Rupert and our dear friend of the blog @aimeemullinsfanblog on Twitter.

Initially, we were all very concerned about our friend. We know Angela to be a very sweet and dedicated fan of both Rupert and Aimee. We wanted to show our support for her as the lovely human being that she is and recognize her countless hours of dedication to posting Rupert and Aimee content. 

Were we disappointed at first by Rupert’s response to Angela’s tweet? Yes, because initially, it felt unnecessarily harsh, especially since Rupert rarely reacts to posts from fans. 

But we learned something – Rupert, being a puny human like the rest of us, is going to disappoint us at times. Whether it’s because he doesn’t interact as much with his fandom as we would like, (although he certainly doesn’t owe it to any of us) or because he interacted with a fan in a way we thought was ungracious. 

And maybe we’ll disappoint him. Maybe we already have. We should all realize how difficult it must be to live in the public eye. To have your life — the best and worst of it — out there for everyone to see; for everyone to judge. 

And here’s something else – a lot of nuance and context can be lost in emojis and tweets. Social media is fraught with miscommunications and incorrect assumptions. We think Angela got it right. She understood and accepted what Rupert was trying to convey to her. And this blog, as her friend, and as his devoted fans, should accept and respect that as well. 

So do we still love Rupert and his work? Fuck, yeah, and we won’t exacerbate things by posting and answering any Asks regarding this situation. This post serves as our response to this entire Twitter debacle that spiraled completely out of control and got unnecessarily nasty. 

Thank you for following the blog, and thank you for understanding.