Group ask: With the final season coming up, is…

Group ask: With the final season coming up, is there anyone you'd like to see return? (Besides Quinn, obviously.) I'd love to see Javadi. We don't know if he's really dead, do we? Perhaps Virgil? Would love to see him and Max together again. Martha with Saul? Still love Parvez from S4. Then there's Lockhart!! Do you think they will or should bring a few back? Probably no one, right? What's the mantra? "It's not the Homelandian way?" Now I'm depressed. It's all over this time next year.⛈🌧🌦⛅️🌤☀

Ashley: Dana Brody! She’s all grown up now and I want to know how she’s doing. 

Sara: Definitely Lockhart. I wouldn’t mind checking in on Dana and Jessica in an exclusive web series or something. To see them on the show would be too weird. Also Jonas because the reaction would be amazing. #saragonnatroll

: Revenge for Fara! A confrontation with Haqqani and Carrie.

Gail: In order of appearance preference: Lockhart, Javadi, Khan (I know, I know–the heart wants what it wants people!), Haqqani, Virgil and absolutely every single other character before any member of the Brody family.

Sara: Great, so we have two votes for Jonas!!

Frangi: Javadi. Haqqani. Lockart. Virgil. Martha. Mira. John jr telling us his father is alive on an Island.