Director/EP Lesli Linka Glatter on working wit…

Director/EP Lesli Linka Glatter on working with the main cast of “Homeland”:


New(ish) video. Lesli talks about her experiences working with Claire, Mandy, and Rupert. 

Lesli did a full interview (like, 90-minute interview) with the TV Academy, talking about different career highlights (including Homeland), which you can watch on YouTube here. The breakdown of the interview is here

ETA: I watched the Homeland-related partsof this, which is about the first hour (!), and I have to say it was actually super interesting. The interview asks a lot of really good questions and I find Lesli to be much more engaging and insightful when not giving 30-second sound bytes. She talks at length about the process of directing a Homeland episode; the core producing team on the ground each season; key moments in “Q&A,” “The Star,” “The Tradition of Hospitality,” “America First,” and “Paean to the People”; her working relationships with the actors on the show and the writers; and a lot more. Also!! I re-remembered that the season 3 finale leaked a day before it aired and that is something I definitely would not have otherwise remembered ever again in my life. Ain’t life interesting!