Things Carrie Wore This Week*


*360 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: Wow Carrie wears so many things in “Grace” including a thermal henley and a navy trench!!! Also a PURPLE SHIRT. 

My attempt at a full series rewatch before the eighth season premiere was temporarily derailed by my magnum opus. But now that that’s out of the way, time to get back to it with “Clean Skin.”

This is a REALLY good episode and Carrie wears many things, most of which are decidedly NOT terrible. 

THE PINK SHIRT. I was thinking about what I’d say about this pink blouse with the cowl neck and my first thought was “iconic” but then I was wondering whether something can be considered iconic if it’s only considered iconic by one human (me). This is a such a ~look. 

Here’s the full shot. So, as we can see there is an honest to god heel. She even wears earrings. *jvn voice* CAN YOU BELIEVE?

This episode is peak Carrie hair. Her hair looks freaking incredible here. A+. Also look at that subtle arched brow!! 

Day two is decidedly less on the mark, but at least we have her classic grey pantsuit. I have no idea what that v-neck blouse is under it but thankfully she never removes her jacket in this episode for us to see. It looks kind of hideous. We do have an earring and there is also a heel here (I promise), so I give Carrie an A for effort, B overall. And yes, we are grading on a curve! 

So Carrie gets home from work and puts on her “I’m just really exhausted after work” outfit and it’s… this. It’s hard to tell from this pic but she is wearing what I assume for her are formal jeans? They are dark-washed and you can’t see the seams and like??? Why is this what she wears? I realize it’s because she then has to RUSH out the door to attempt to save Lynne Reed’s life but I don’t believe for 4 milliseconds that Carrie’s “I’m just really exhausted after work” outfit is not sweatpants. 

Her ever-just-so-thrown-on leather jacket does look pretty great and this is the totally weird thing about Carrie’s “style.” It’s 100% ever-just-so-thrown-on (as in, she literally just walks into her closet and walks out with three things and this is all she wears–speaking collectively, over time) but not in the dreamy, Parisian woman way we’d think about when we think about capital-s Style. So when she puts on something like this leather jacket or that pink cowl neck blouse and looks freaking amazing in them it’s just because she’s Carrie Freaking Mathison and if NOTHING else homie knows how to rock a leather jacket. 

Even in the poor lighting of Virgil’s van that jacket looks amazing on her. Also I think this is the first time we see Carrie’s leather jacket (well, one of several). That item certainly deserves an ode–one day.

This is the final thing Carrie wears in this episode. This is an actually very nice v-neck. It’s grey, to go with a black pantsuit, not like we were surprised by the monochromatic color scheme or anything. The only thing with color Carrie wears this episode is the pink cowl neck blouse (I’m telling you it is deserving of ICON STATUS). But this looks really great. A few months ago I talked about how Carrie’s go-to professional style should be blazers over sweaters and this is a good warmer-weather substitute. I know those damn pocketed sleeveless blouses (certainly deserving of ~icon status) became her go-to in later seasons but this looks so much better on her. Also. Her hair!! The incredulous look!! She wears it so well.


I think this is the most beautiful Carrie we ever got