Re the photos of Claire and Damian in Vogue, which one was the cover photo? Was there an interesting article? Side note: will someone please tell Anna Wintour to change her hair?! For someone who is supposedly the queen of fashion, her own style is tiresome. That bob with the bangs has got to go!! She needs a makeover! Something modern and edgy. Meryl Streep too! Sorry. I digress.

None of them were the cover, they were just the editorial spread for the story. Here is the cover (not the best, though I like the trench):


You can read the cover story here.

(Is Anna Wintour really the “Queen of Fashion”? I see her more as the gatekeeper. She’ll never change and she’s been successful and influencing enough that she never has to. Same goes for Meryl.)

P.S. while we’re on the topic the Bill Murray joke is from this video.