Sara, Ashley, et al. Did you watch Strange Angel? Any thoughts?

(Sara and Ashley didn’t, but Frangi did! Here is what she has to say about it.)

F: I watched and did enjoy it a lot. I’ll be honest: If Rupert hadn’t been in it, I’d probably never have watched it. But I’m glad I did, because it is a beautifully composed show with wonderful cinematography and some fine actors. 

The story is a little weird and starts as a very slow burn. Sadly, the main character (Jack Parsons) is a self-centered asshole and it’s difficult to root for him… but some of the female characters have very interesting roles and arcs in the story and Rupert’s character, Ernest, is a fascinating guy. 

I don’t think the show would be renewed if it were a network show but I hope CBS will give it a second season in order to build up their own library of original series. Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger for both Jack Reynor’s Jack Parsons and Rupert’s character Ernest, and I’d love to see what will happen next. 

What did bother me is the use of nudity in the show: you’ll see a lot of naked women, appropriate for a show which labels itself as “sex magick,” but no equal display of nudity for any male character which I find rather misogynist. 

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