What Quinn Did…

To the zero followers I have, and to the 5-10 followers I may have one day, please take all that I am about to write with a grain of salt. A thick, chunky grain of pink himalayan salt.

I often think Peter Quinn. And by often, I mean every waking hour of every waking day. I think about Quinn the hero, Quinn the lover, but I also think about the Peter Quinn we never got to see.

Yes, I imagine the exiting bits about his past personal relationships, his secret black op missions, and of course, his relationship (or lack there of) with Ms. Carrie “I’m always scoffing” Matthison. But I’m also obsessed with the Quinn we never had a chance to see. What did Quinn eat? What did he watch on tv? Where did he buy his business-casual neutrals?

Those questions and hopefully more will be answered in “What Quinn Did…”

That screams “Write fic” to me, Lizzy! I am here for it.