“Everyone wants you to forget but please always remember Elisabeth Moss is a Scientology cult member and is complicit in the indentured servitude of thousands of people.” – oh, sara, thank You for mentioning This. When I found out who she really is, I was like Wow, ppl, her talent is not excuse for being ppl lives cynical manipulator, stop giving her nimbus. PS. Although, I strongly dislike Emily in a show since ep2 of season 2

What??? Episode 2 of season 2 made me fall even more in love with Emily!! 

From the Marisa Tomei of it all to this truly heartbreaking goodbye at the airport…


I can’t believe the woman who could barely keep up with Lauren Graham on GG (I mean, it’s LG but still) is coming through on this show so hard. She found her genre, that’s for sure. 

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