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Strange Angel – “Evocation of the Elders”

(This is a recap/review of the eighth episode of Strange Angel. There are spoilers, so proceed with caution! Catch up on the rest here.)

Richard is on a date with the bewitching Marisol! It’s a movie date for The Wizard of Oz, and Richard is simply beside himself like an inexperienced teenaged boy. He eyes Marisol’s hand on her knee and tries to sneak an arm around her, but he loses his nerve. Next, he makes a move for her hand, but she reaches for her popcorn before he can make contact. He makes one more attempt, reaching his hand out very cautiously. Suddenly, Marisol grips his hand and sighs, as the scene in the movie changes from tense to relief.

After the movie, they sit in a taxi outside her apartment. The meter clicks loudly while the taxi driver clears his throat. Marisol talks about the movie and how Dorothy was really a player, like her roommate…who, by the way, works nights and is not at home…Richard looks uncomfortable and begs off since he has the big D.C. trip scheduled for the next day. Marisol clears her throat and bids Richard goodbye. She’s obviously hurt by the snub, and the taxi driver doesn’t fail to notice the whole exchange, either.

Richard returns home to find Jack waiting for him. By this point, Jack knows he was not invited to D.C., but he is surprisingly supportive and encouraging to Richard. Jack rationalizes his lack of an invitation to D.C. because Richard has a security clearance from the propeller team. Jack proposes Richard use their rocketry proposal, even though Professor Mesulam indicated the military was interested in “a more practical application.” Jack dismisses this and insists General Braxton has interest in rocketry. He hands over their rocketry proposal and does his best to build up Richard’s confidence in his own presentation and salesman skills (the very skills Jack has in spades).

For whatever reason, Jack mentions he is surprised Richard is actually going to fly in an airplane to D.C. At first, I didn’t know if something happened in Richard’s past, or if it was just a comment on Richard’s low-risk tolerance. Later, I believe it’s clear the statement was a comment on how averse Richard is to risk. The scene ends on a bittersweet note, with Jack envious, but still encouraging Richard to take a chance and use the rocketry proposal.

The next morning, Jack wakes up in what is becoming his more permanent sleeping quarters – his garage. He reads from his Thelema book and steps outside in his pajamas. Flies buzz noisily around white, full milk bottles left on Ernest’s porch. I guess Jack isn’t banished completely from his house, because next, we see he’s inside making more of a mess than a real breakfast. Broken eggshells litter the stove, yolk seeping out. Jack flips a burned omelet and offers it to a disinterested Susan.

Susan: “I’m not hungry.”

Jack: “Are you gonna keep this up forever?”

Susan: “Please don’t do that.”

Jack: “Do what?

Susan: “Act like I’m the one who’s being unreasonable.”

Of course, Jack doesn’t want to give up Thelema, but Susan cautions that the military will scrutinize him. Jack begs for forgiveness, but it doesn’t seem like Susan thinks she can forgive him. Their argument (although it’s a pretty low key argument – almost like Susan is beyond caring at the moment) is interrupted by a phone call. Jack answers and tells Susan someone’s car broke down, and they need a ride to work. He also tells her he will be working late.

It’s all lies, cause Jack is really talking to a very drunk and out of sorts Ernest. Ernest is calling from a pay phone at the beach – Point Dume.

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