I miss Claire. We were so lucky this spring with all her movie promotion blitz and instagram posts. I want cute pregnancy pictures! Anyway, I filling the void left by Claire and the terrible doom of Handmaids’ Tale with Amy Adams in Sharp Objects.

I will always cherish the four months we had where Claire decided she want to be a 21st-century celebrity and post on Instagram. 

(And, while we’re on the topic, her Instagram remains wholly confusing to me. Whenever I’m like “where is Claire on IG?” Ashley says, “she’s busy growing a person.” Which: yes! But while the timing of her creating the account and posting did coincide with the filming of Homeland’s seventh season, the timing of her stopping posting did not coincide with the S7 finale. And, as we know, she starred in a movie that was released this summer and …. nada. So we can’t even say it’s a Homeland-driven or even PR-driven account.)

Anyhoozles, I hereby declare this the most boring HYH summer ever.