Let’s talk Handmaid’s Tale!! I loved the first season, but have been putting off watching S2 forever. It just felt too intense for the summer. My Hulu expires in a week, so decided to watch. It turned into a 3-day binge watch. Without giving anything away, I’ll just say this. I can’t wait for the 3rd season!!

I finally watched it (it’s so difficult because it’s really not a show you have any desire to come home and watch at the end of the day).

My thoughts:

  1. I stan Serena (#SaraIsPredictable). 
  2. Nick is boring and I wish he would die. 
  3. The plotting and pace was strange and you can tell they weren’t really sure what to do without Margaret Atwood’s excellent plotting from the book. 
  4. Fred can also die but he is at least not boring. 
  5. They did Luke so dirty. 
  6. It remains the most beautiful TV show I’ve ever seen but they went pretty overboard at so many points that I actually had to laugh at how hard they were trying.
  7. Same as #6 but with some of June’s cringey voiceovers. Stop saying “fuck” to be edgy!! You’re on Hulu!!!!! Bye!!!!
  8. Emily > June.
  10. SERENA 4 LYFE!!!!
  11. This show is bleak as hell and I understand people who have no desire to watch it. The sum of bleakness and torture porn on THT is so much greater than that on Homeland. That’s the goddamn truth.
  12. Everyone wants you to forget but please always remember Elisabeth Moss is a Scientology cult member and is complicit in the indentured servitude of thousands of people.

Also, because I love them so much, here are some choice takes from the commenters at ONTD:

  • “it’s so bleak that it’s not an ounce enjoyable. i can’t even have it on for background noise”
  • “I get you on the try-hard and cringey part. The show sometimes has an aura of privilege like “omg what if this were to happen in America !” When in actual fact these fucked up things are already happening to women in other countries… it’s like the writers are using the suffering of other women in the real world and applying them to white American women… idk if I am explaining myself probably, I’m high on cough meds haha”
  • “I had some reservations but I mostly loved season 1. The first few eps of season 2 it was like you could really tell a white dude was in charge of the show and not in a good way.”
  • “I hope this show loses the good graces of the awards circuit, but who am I kidding? it won’t.it’s a shame because I do actually like most of the cast and think they do on the whole, a great job, but man, our world is bleak enough. give us a glimmer of some real hope. More and more I realize I want to see shows where the good guys win. and maybe they will in the end of this show, but it’ll just be nonstop torture before then.”
  • “this show went from the zeitgeist to a game of thrones mess in a year, huh”

(Unauthorized Ashley parenthetical: I am trying so hard to get into season two, but like… Sara’s points above have bummed me out. Luke 4Eva, y’all.)