I was going to activate a 30-day free trial of Showtime Anytime to watch Homeland, but it didn’t even require me to activate a free trial. I just had to sign in with my cable provider even though I don’t have a current subscription. Is this just a fluke or temporary free trial? Thanks.


A three-month-long free Showtime trial when I got cable for the first time in my life is how I started to watch Homeland so many years ago. 

For real though, it’s probs a free trial through your cable provider. 

(Also, I think Showtime Anytime (showtimeanytime.com) is just the online version of your existing Showtime subscription that you get through your cable company. Showtime (showtime.com) is how you can just sign up and get Showtime even if you don’t have cable (which is how I get it). 

i.e., Showtime Anytime : HBO Go :: Showtime : HBO Now