Hi. I am new to this forum, and I just binged watched Season 7 this past weekend. I still don’t understand who ordered the assassination attempt on President Keane in Season 6. Who ordered General McClendon and what was Dar’s involvement? Thanks.

McClendon and Dar were working in tandem to undermine Keane through various methods, which included:

  • The sock puppet farm (working with Brett O’Keefe) to spread fake news that would damage her presidency 
  • Orchestrating the fake dealio in Israel where they tried to make Saul believe that Iran was running a parallel nuclear program with North Korea, which was designed to counteract Keane’s more “dove”-ish tendencies (remember Dar hands her that list of cabinet members and she’s like “wtf dude i don’t like any of these people on your list”)
  • Sekou Bah? I honestly cannot remember how the Sekou Bah stuff fits into this… I think it’s that they were trying to 
    • undermine Carrie’s position with Keane and make her politically poisonous (Carrie draws the line that the day after Dar warned her to stand down Sekou Bah’s truck was blown up, which implies that they are related) (also this literally just occurred to me) 
    • stir up nationalistic, anti-Muslim sentiment, which would make Keane’s “dove”-ish positions untenable

All of which is to say, McClendon ordered the assassination attempt on Dar, without Dar’s knowledge. Dar was cool with all the other shit, but was unaware that they were carrying out the assassination attempt AND that they would attempt to pin it on Quinn (PAUSE to just say that the plot of season six is DUMB AS HELL SWEET JESUS). 

AFAIK they were not working under orders from anyone in the government really. There was a wing of military and intelligence professionals (the “deep state”) that was highly, highly concerned about Keane’s campaign promises and worried about what she would do once she took office – both in her domestic and foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. They took drastic steps to influence her before her inauguration. 

The whole thing struck me then and still strikes me as a complete overreaction (and that’s putting it lightly) to a threat that was virtually nonexistent (Keane’s S7 behavior was a reaction to the very real threats against her and I’d argue would have been completely different were the events of S6 altered). But “a complete overreaction (and that’s putting it lightly) to a threat that is virtually nonexistent” is how I’d describe the behavior of a lot of white men in the American government these days, so I guess they were not off base.