lalalarrr: findmyrupertfriend: It’s vacation…



It’s vacation time! Even the FMRF team needs a little R&R! (Rest & Rupert? Rupert & Relaxation?)

Things may be a little slower around here over the next two weeks but, there’s no need to worry. No reason to buy that extra bottle of tequila or to sign up for that 12-Step Rupert withdraw program — we’ve got you covered! 


We will continue to post EVERY DAY! Every Quinn Scene Ever, Rare Rupes, and plenty of other splendid Rupert pics, gifs and info to fulfill your daily Rupert needs. We will try to answer Asks if possible and I’m hoping to still be able to provide gifs and stills of episodes 7 and 8 of Strange Angel.


I’m going on sabbatical soon…sabbatical from WORK, but not RUPERT ♥️