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Strange Angel – “Dance of the Earth”

(This is a recap/review of the fifth episode of Strange Angel. There are spoilers, so proceed with caution!)

❀ ❀ Rest easy, my dears. In this episode, Rupert is not near any water and DOES NOT DIE! ❀❀

The team is hard at work in a much larger space, with more helping hands. They admire their work, a new creation named, “GALCIT 1.” Unfortunately, Jack believes right away there is something wrong with the motor. Richard gently accuses Jack of “buckling” under the pressure, but Jack insists he is correct. It’s an interesting role reversal, with Jack feeling so cautious.

Jack goes home, his nerves frayed. He shares his concerns about the prototype with Susan. He feels vulnerable because he’ll be scapegoated if it fails. Good wife that she is, Susan does her best to reassure Jack. Man, he doesn’t deserve her…

Susan: “It can’t be easy, always having to prove that you belong. But don’t let Richard or any of them shake your faith.” (pause) “Why don’t you take a break? Sometimes when you stop looking so hard, that’s when you find it.”

Susan and Jack are interrupted by Ernest calling for Jack from outside. Susan and Jack go outside and find Maggie and a very cleaned up Ernest. He’s wearing a light-colored shirt and sweater. He looks so respectable and kind when he mentions how it would be nice for Maggie to make some new friends.

They invite the Parsons to camp out at Joshua Tree. At first, Jack and Susan demur, but charming Maggie convinces the Parsons that the Donovans have everything they need. It’s also a special occasion, and Ernest’s face just lights up.

Ernest: “Well, she left out the best part. We’re off to find one of the world’s natural wonders. A moonflower called the queen of the night. Blooms for one night only, every three years. Wilts as soon as the sun comes up.”

Jack: “I’ve never heard of something like that.”

Ernest: “Oh, you’d have to see it to believe it.”

The next morning, they all head out together, and Ernest is back to his rusty-looking self. Susan, on the other hand, is dressed smartly. I love her outfit!!

Jack: (to Susan) “Don’t worry. I won’t let the coyotes get you.”

Ernest howls and looks every bit the scoundrel with that wrinkled, loose shirt left open like he does. They crank up the music and head out, while Susan eyes their house with a worried look.

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Both Ernest and Jack have breakthroughs! Great fifth episode of Strange Angel!!

Love the recaps and love the episode. Thank you @lalalarrr and @peterquinn36