Group ask. (HYH gals, feel free to answer too….

Group ask. (HYH gals, feel free to answer too.) You found a bottle on a beach with a genie (like the show "I Dream of Jeannie") who is granting you the wish of spending 24 hours (sex is promised) with Rupert Friend (from any era) or a character that he portrayed. Who do you pick? Present day Rupert? 20-something Rupert? Rupert between Keira & Aimee? Quinn 1.0? Quinn 2.0? Prince Albert? Wickham? Ernest? Stephen (MMIM)? Thomas Anders (5 Days of War)? Ludovic (Mrs. Palfrey). OK, you may pick 3.

Part 2: I wrote in earlier with the group ask on which Rupert age or which Rupert character you would want to spend 24 hours with. Sex included. I feel like I should answer myself. 1) I’d pick Rupert present day, because at this point he has so much experience!! 2) I’d pick Quinn 2.0, because he is in so need of a hug, not to mention other needs. 3) Hitman. Because if he’s designed to be the perfect man, then I bet he’s perfect in bed. Yes?

Sydney: Wow! This is literally the Ask of my dreams, but it’s extremely difficult to pick only three! 1) Any and all Quinn because he’s Quinn and I love him in any shape, form or hair length. 2) Sam from Lullaby for Pi because he looks and sounds like a young Quinn. He’s so sweet, needing and wanting to love and be loved and is sexy as fuck! 3) Rupert now because he’s beautiful, sexy, smart, matured and have you seen his pictures in Dujour magazine? Perfection!

Frangi: That’s difficult. Because I love Quinn so much more than any of his other characters. And I wanted Quinn with Carrie because that’s what he wanted so much and for so long. If I had to choose a Quinn it would Quinn towards the end of season 6. As for his other characters, it’s Stephen. Pre-kids and pre-being happily married I lived a while in Berlin and Stephen could have been a Before Sunrise-like one night encounter which makes the world stop turning for a few hours. The real-life person…dunno…maybe a post-Keira and pre-Aimee summer fling while backpacking around the world.

Laura: First, I would choose Rupert. I am interested in the man behind all of the characters he has portrayed. I find him fascinating. Because he can be so many different people, I think he would be quite talented in adapting to his partner’s needs 😉 Secondly, I would choose Quinn. Why? This sums it up: