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Dear FMRF friends, followers and fans, 

We are coming very close to that day — the day when Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever wraps up and my mission is complete. 

On July 9th at 10:00 am EST, almost a full year since we posted the first gifset on HYH, the last of EQSE will be posted here on FMRF. As I’ve said many times, it ends for me with 6.11 — I haven’t and will never change my mind about giffing that other non-existent episode. 

But now is not the time for sadness, sorrow, anger or even disappointment about the unfulfilled life of our beloved Peter Quinn. It’s the time to celebrate every moment he was on our small screens. Every word he said and every move he made. Every clenched jaw, dimpled smile, quotation-marked furrow, eye crinkle and eyebrow lifted. Every swiped nose, hand through his hair, hands on his hips, arms crossed and perfect lips licked. Every longing stare, angry scowl, frustrated grimace and every emotion possible said with just those beautiful blue eyes. Every “fuck me”, “fuck you”, “motherfucker”, “asshole”, “shit”, “fuck”, “Christ” and “Carrie”. Every gun aimed, bomb built and wall climbed. Every person punched, shot or knocked out. Every hug, kiss, fuck and blowjob. Every smoke, drink, donut and waffle. Every navy blue and white shirt of hotness. Every robe and every towel. Every shirtless and pantless moments. Every hair length— head and facial. Every look of love and compassion, anger and grief. EVERY PETER QUINN SCENE EVER! 

Now I’m asking all of you to help us celebrate this ending, this accomplishment. Throughout the week, please send in your favorite gifsets, and we will post as many as possible throughout the day on July 9th. It’s my way of not only celebrating Peter Quinn, but thanking all of you who have and who continue to support this blog, Rupert Friend, Frangi, Laura and myself. 

Love to all!



Holy shit!!! As a fellow person who gifs, I hope you all understand the effort, attention to detail, and time that went into making all those. And she hasn’t missed a SINGLE. DAMN. DAY in a year. 

(To put this project into perspective, I would never in about 400 million years gif every Carrie Mathison scene ever so that just goes to show the level of dedication and love Sydney has for Peter Quinn.)

From all of us at HYH….


P.S. Thank you for including the white shirt alongside the navy shirt of hotness WHERE IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS.

P.P.S. All of the Every PQ Scene Ever posts from “So, I’m only half a moron” (2.04) to “Holy fuck…” (4.06) can be found on HYH here. And all of the Every PQ Scene Ever posts from “That is Saul down there… Saul” (4.06) to [FLAG HOUSE EXPLOSION] (6.11) can be found on FMRF here.