Gail, how do you feel and why do you think there is a bizarre lack of Quinn (and RF) mentions from CD on her post S7 media tour? 🤔 Maybe the character’s death had zero influence on Carrie’s state of mind after all? Maybe there was a true falling out between the actors? Truly weird!

Hey y’all. First of all, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus post-S7, so sorry for the delay in responding to this ask.

Anonymous, real talk? Between you and me, I don’t find the lack of Quinn mentions bizarre. The purpose of this media tour post-finale has been all about the Emmy race and the most recent season of Homeland and, in Claire’s case, her performance throughout this season. I understand your insinuation and I pick up the bitterness you are throwing down. I just think it’s misplaced in this specific regard.

Whether or not there was a falling out of any kind behind the scenes, we may never know. But I cannot give any credibility to whether there was or wasn’t based on the lack of mentions about a character who is no longer on the show during an Emmy push for specific performances in a season he wasn’t in.

And I’ll say this in regards to your statement about whether or not Quinn’s death had zero influence on Carrie’s state of mind throughout this season. I think it totally did, especially early on in the season. I have talked about it extensively on the @hyhpodcast. I think it will weigh heavily on Carrie moving forward as well. She is coming home from that Russian prison in terrible shape. It is not hard to imagine that she is going to have PTSD to deal with, among her many other health issues. Carrie’s success in intelligence has a lot to do with her being so willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Will she still feel that way after S7′s finale? Will she feel more like Quinn in S6? These are interesting questions I’m excited to see answered in S8.