If they extend beyond S8 (let’s pray they won’t), my fear is that they will kill off Carrie. At least if they end the series next season, it feel it is much, much more likely they will give Carrie a decently happy ending (in HL-adjusted terms). Are my instincts wrong?

Ok, real talk. Carrie might be killed off either way. If season 8 is the last for the entire series, or even if it’s just the last season for Claire Danes. I know that anything can happen–it is Homeland after all–but after the season 7 finale, I’m feeling hopeful in regards to Carrie and where she will ultimately end up. Which, I admit, is a little odd, given the fact that the last we saw of Carrie, she had clearly lost her mind in a Russian asylum and didn’t seem to recognize Saul.

If Carrie lives, her absence in future seasons could easily be explained.  They could say something like she is living on a beach somewhere or currently living a quiet life in New Mexico with Franny, playing board games and writing her memoirs. I don’t think Showtime is going to dictate where Carrie ends up based on whether or not the show continues. It would continue in spite of it. So I wouldn’t be too worried… at least not yet.