when we met brody in the pilot – he was a hero that had been captured and the next two season showed how he was never the same. do you worry that carrie, a hero who had been captured, is headed down a similar path to bring homeland full circle? I don’t think she was ‘turned’ like brody, but maybe she’ll be just as broken?

Not really. Not because I think she’ll be okay or anything, but because she is already broken. She was already so different from the Carrie we met in the pilot; the Carrie we meet next season will certainly be a shell of her former self, but I don’t think her time as a captive in Russia is wholly, or even mostly, responsible for that.

And I know that’s not your question, exactly. I can’t really begin to imagine what Carrie will be like in season eight. I certainly do not believe that she’ll be turned — Brody was captive for eight years, and what ultimately broke him was Issa’s death, a crime perpetrated by the country that he was captured serving. Walden and Estes were complicit in that. 

Carrie has had eight fucked up years herself, give or take the time she spent living in Germany. That damage is cumulative. She has had very little opportunity to heal, and it shows.

She’ll be a product of all that damage in season eight. And it will be terrible, and I don’t think that she’ll ever come back from it. But I can’t worry much about something so inevitable, all I can do is ride with it.