just watched the finale and was surprised at how much different i felt after it as comparing it to the past two finales. it’s like night and day!this season was very good and i was completely prepared to hate it. thank you for all the fun and insight this season. cannot wait to listen to finale podcast! are you going to have hiatus stuff coming out periodically?

I’m glad you liked it – seriously! Because it was really good, and it feels good to just like… acknowledge that and not feel so shitty about this show (and this space that’s dedicated to it). I wasn’t prepared to hate it, but I did have basement-low expectations so the fact it was as good as it was was not just pleasantly surprising. It was straight up shocking.

We’ll very most likely have hiatus stuff coming out, including podcasts. In fact, there should be one bonus pod posting tomorrow. I just need to get my act together enough to edit the thing. 

Can y’all believe this will be the blog’s SIXTH hiatus?? Good lord. There will of course be content. There’s always content. But for now, I’m so at peace with where the show is and we’re all taking some much needed R&R time (we had none last year).