Laughing in front of Yevgeny was probably not a good idea of Carrie as was Sam Paley’s idea keeping his nose up in front of Elizabeth Keane.

I truly don’t think it would’ve mattered if Carrie hadn’t laughed. She had already won – she got Simone back to the US and for that Yevgeny was going to make her pay one way or another. But for me – I totally get why Carrie smiled. She WON. She accomplished her mission. HER mission. She was back in the game and feeling it. After years of pushing that part of herself aside – she went all in and was successful. That must have felt fucking great.

As for Paley – it’s hard to feel sorry for him after all of the treason and whatnot. But I do feel for Keane in that moment – she has had people out to get her from day 1 – and he was a primary ring leader in that. It is a little too late now to say sorry, imo.