I think more and more that they are setting up Anson as the new Quinn. In a CQ parallel, he even said “I’m not gonna leave you”, which is similar to what C said to Q after he was shot in S5. I could see Anson back next season.

Anything could happen in season 8. If I had to make a guess, I’d say James d’Arcy at least has an option for season 8 so they can bring him back if they decide so. We don’t know that much yet about season 8, just that it will be set abroad and that it will be Claire’s and hence Carrie’s last season. So we assume they’ll try to come full circle, Gansa’s been dreaming about an Israel plot for quite some time now, and I don’t know how much room that will leave for developing new-ish and deepened relationships. Quinn’s been around for five seasons and we haven’t seen that much of Anson yet, but he clearly cares about Carrie and wants her to be okay. That doesn’t make him a new Quinn, but maybe an ally and friend Carrie desperately needs, especially now.