Do you think Keane is wrong to stay unmoved by Paley? The spitting was pure revenge, but why are some reviewers and fans calling her a cold hearted bitch? It was Paley’s responsibility to secure his pension by not doing anything illegal. Besides, we can assume Paley’s wife and grown children are well educated and middle class, not likely to be left destitute. And why weren’t these same critics sympathetic to Keane when her opponents continuously maligning her dead son?

Why are some reviewers and fans calling her a cold-hearted bitch? Hmm… why did Vanity Fair tell Hillary Clinton to take up knitting? 

If I’m Keane, what possible incentive do I have to extend a hand to a man who not only attempted to undermine my rightful presidency but, when presented with HARD EVIDENCE that he was on the wrong side of things, resorted to ACTUAL TREASON rather than admit he was wrong? 

If that makes her a cold-hearted bitch, what does it make him? Dropping to your knees and begging for mercy doesn’t absolve you of your sins and if he wanted a pension for his family maybe he should have thought about that before, again, RESORTING TO ACTUAL TREASON.