I find the Saul arc this season very interesting. He starts of in prison with Carrie trying to get him freed – going so far as to actively be working against the Keane administration to do so – to helping Carrie get out of prison – actively working to free Gorin (who clearly is a very bad guy) in order to secure Carrie’s freedom. I wonder what Saul had to do to get Gorin released in exchange for her? The Moscow chief was shocked. He must have made a pretty big sacrifice – right?

I said on the podcast that I found Saul to almost be redeemed by the end of the season. This is the most I’ve been able to stand him in like five years so I’m calling it a win. 

As for Gorin, who knows. He was mentioned a few times in the finale. Which may be throwaway, and may not. The Russian ambassador said when he first met with Saul that his superiors back in Moscow were not in the negotiating mood (or maybe Yevgeny said that?), and I think the same would actually have been true for the Americans. When Saul brought that list to the ambassador, Keane was still president and yet Gorin was a non-starter, despite Keane’s claim that she’d do anything to get Carrie back to the states. You catch my drift?